samedi 7 mai 2011

Things I Don't Remember Owning

First step to becoming a minimalist: getting rid of stuff I can't remember I had. Boxes in the basement, boxes in the attic, boxes in the closet...

The tricky part is that as soon as I open the boxes, I remember what's inside. :/ Yesterday I spent a good part of the evening cleaning out old papers and toys that I had saved from my childhood. I saved literally everything from the age of about 9-14, and stashed it all in boxes in the basement. With no organization whatsoever. So yesterday I ended up picking through boxes of random school assignments, rocks, key chains, dolls, my brother's school assignments, pieces of thread, fabric scraps, some candy, broken pencils... and now I'm wondering what was wrong with me when I was younger because normal people don't stash candy and stolen school assignments in hidden corners of the basement closet... (The good news is that I don't do that anymore.)

I cleaned out the attic, too, with the help of my mom. The attic was, of course, worse than the basement because the attic is attached to my bedroom and it has the added benefit of being the room that nobody will enter. It was more of a personal trash and junk receptacle than anything... but now it's clean. And it's going to stay that way because I've deemed it illegal to open the attic door in the future. The mice might escape.

Just kidding. They're too full to go anywhere. (I didn't limit my candy-stashing to the basement, apparently.)

(The mice are gone, actually. Don't worry. ;) )

Now I just have to move on to my bedroom closets. Scary.

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