lundi 11 avril 2011

Choosing a College

Today I have two missions:
The first is to make chocolate chip cookies.
The second is to determine whether or not Kalamazoo College will let me transfer any of my dual-enrolled community college credits. It's a critical question because, you see, I have to choose between Hope College and Kalamazoo College before May 1st, when the enrollment deposits are due. Kalamazoo is the top choice but Hope has been enticing me with offers of accepting my community college and AP exam credits... possibly allowing me to graduate in three years. Plus Hope College accepts CLEP credits, which Kalamazoo doesn't. So... hmm... go to a college that I love or pay at least $30,000 less to go to a college that I really like, with the possibility of graduating in three years or less? Decisions, decisions.

One of the more perplexing aspects of getting ready to go to college is the nagging feeling that I should have my major picked out. The Nice College People with whom I've spoken have told me that I won't have to pick a major until my sophomore or junior year. Since, you know, college is for finding yourself and whatnot.
Well, um, as much as I'd like to pay an extra $40,000 or so to spend two years finding my passion, that's not going to happen. I insist on taking the straightest path to my major. No frills.

It would just help a lot if I knew what I wanted to major in. (Let me rephrase that: It would help if I knew what I wanted to major in that wouldn't leave me on the streets. I want to major in French but I'm pretty sure that straight-up French is not a good idea...)

Today Mr. Physics Teacher read us a list of the 10 top-paying undergraduate degrees.
It reads as follows:

4.Computer Science
8.Programming or something like that
9. Engineering
10. Engineering

I'm pretty sure I didn't see any Art or Foreign Languages on that list...

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