mardi 12 avril 2011

Little Etiquette Book

I found an etiquette book at a garage sale and it changed my life.

Did you know that there are rules of etiquette for cleaning your bedroom? Amy Vanderbilt does. She wrote a book about it.

Now I do too. Thanks to my etiquette book. (But don't clean your room before you clean the kitchen -- that's a no-no.)

The greatest thing about having an etiquette book on my shelf is that -- as weird as it sounds -- it improves my self-esteem. Never again will I have to worry about how to set my table, or how to seat guests at a party, or which kind of stationery I should use to send a letter to my grandma. My etiquette book is all-knowing. When is it appropriate to wear nail polish? How do you announce an adoption? What is the proper way to host a bridge party (assuming I ever learned to play)? Where at the table do I sit if I'm left-handed? What sort of gift is appropriate for a nun? What in the world is a linen shower for???

This is what happens when I take more than fifty cents to a garage sale.

In a spirit of adventure, I've decided to make a habit of improving my etiquette. Mostly so that I'll stop accidentally offending people but also because... well actually that's the only reason. If I think of another reason I'll let you now.

Task #1: Make my bed every morning. Simple enough.

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